EVFR 2.0: Battery holder prototypes finished

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So last week, Dave Boyd machined some plastic pieces based on the initial drawings that we did.  He used some scrap plastic for now, and used the 12V battery as a starting point so we can tweak things. The milling should be much smoother on the UHMW. He said this plastic doesn’t machine as well. The parts fit great, although the batteries are a little tight and slightly deform the holder. We just need slightly larger holes for the batteries and we can start to look into the rest of the pack.

The students helping me have finished their project, so I’m assuming I’m on my own since I haven’t heard from them in a few weeks. I’ll be working with Dave on finishing the project. He has some ideas for the battery pack, so we’re going to get together sometime in the next week and figure out the next step. We might change the battery layout a little so that all the batteries are mounted horizontally in one large pack that “hugs” the motor and gas tank. It’l be interesting to see what we come up with. Battery pack design has to be the hardest part of converting a bike.

Here are some pictures of the prototype battery holder with protective cap:







I also finall found an AC controller for the last AC15 motor I’ve got sitting around. This guy overseas had a Curtis 1236 AC controller (300A 48-84V). Dave and I agreed that we’ll keep it and he’ll donate a racing kart to the project, so we might build a little electric kart. Just need some batteries now….. but first, we gotta finish the bike!


  1. Allen James - April 4, 2012

    i really love the cell holder you came up with, you start selling those…

    looks like your about ready to start riding, just in time for warmer weather…

    awesome project…

    • Thanks man! Don’t know if I’ll sell them. We’re designing it such that it’s fairly generic and should fit most bikes. Getting back into things after a brief break from working on it.