EVFR 2.0: Battery Pack Mock-up

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So tonight I came home and worked a little on the battery pack mock-up. I printed out a full scale drawing of the 160-cell pack showing the right and left side to use as a pattern. I cut some foam-core board to the same size as the scale drawings and then glued it together with some hot glue. I over-sized it quite a bit just in case. I’d rather have a mockup too big and have extra room, than make it too small and find out too late that there’s not enough.

In the pictures, you can see the cardboard cutout that we made that hugs the inside of the frame, gas tank and motor. It fits pretty well within those constraints. The cardboard cutout is a little smaller than the room I actually have, and the foam-core mockup is a little big, so it should represent the pack fairly well.

I’m going to the shop on Wednesday to fit the mock-up inside the frame. We can take some overall measurements and see how well everything fits inside.