EVFR 2.0: Battery Mock-up Test-fit

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I went down to the shop tonight to test-fit the battery pack mock-up. Since I oversized the pack, things seemed tight at first. Just to make sure everything fit OK, I used a tie-down and compressed the front forks as much as I could. This ensures that I’d have enough clearance under heavy braking. Add a little wiggle room for fork flex and fudge factor and things fit pretty well.

I put the side fairings and the Faux-tank back on and made sure it all fit. Even with all of the wiggle room I built into the mock-up, it fit just fine. There’s plenty of room for the charger inside and quite a bit of room underneath the pack for the controller and wiring.

It’s got a little bit of refinement left, but it’s a great start. I’ll be back down there tomorrow my buddy Travis to kind of finalize some things. Pretty happy with this setup.

battery pack mockup placed in frame with forks fully compressed
controller mounting position
Front with front forks compressed all the way without side fairing
Front with front forks compressed all the way with fairings
controller placement under fairings
Front with front forks compressed all the way
Front with front forks extended
Front with front forks extended



  1. Dustin - March 4, 2012

    Why not use a wheel motor like this and make room for more batteries?


    • There are a few reasons. Just note that this is basically my second conversion on the same frame.
      1) When I started my project, Enetrac motors were not available. I chose a C-face motor and stuck with it. My first revision of my motorcycle was done long before Mark made this motor available. I MAY have considered it if it were available at the time.
      2) I wheeled an dealed and bought my motor and controller second-hand for less than it would cost me to buy an enetrac + a sufficiently powerful kelly controller.
      3) I really don’t like the style of wheel (with the spokes) and don’t want to spend extra money to have a custom wheel fit to that motor.
      4) I don’t like being forced to use a Kelly controller. I’ve found the overall quality to be poor and they are over-rated power-wise. I base this on personal experience as well as that of others. They might be better now, but not when I bought my AC20 system.
      5) Unsprung is something I’d need to address as it effects handling, and I didn’t want to have to mess with suspension.
      6) The AC20 is good up to 50hp (~38kw) peak compared to enertrac’s 30kw peak. The AC20 will do more than the Enetrac’s 10kw continuous. For higher power cooling is very important and I found enertrac to be harder to cool than the AC20 (not that it can’t be done though).
      7) I really don’t have an issue with room in my frame. I can easily fit 5kwh in my frame, which is all I wanted.
      8) I already spent money on custom rear sprocket, front sprockets, chain. Why throw all that away?

      Now for someone who is starting fresh on a stripped frame and doesn’t mind the style, sure, Enertrac would be great. I’ve seen people use them with great results. Kelly might be better quality than before and since then. I know other companies have come out with controllers that may do BLDC better (Sevcon, etc). It’s a good motor from a great company and Mark is a great guy to deal with. It just doesn’t fit my budget or requirements and wasn’t available at the time and I was unwilling to start over.