EVFR 2.0: Equipment fitment

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I went to the shop last Thursday for a little bit and talked with Travis. I showed him the mockup and how well things seemed to fit inside the frame. We didn’t spend a ton of time on the bike that night, mostly just talked about the overall idea of what the project plan is.

I returned Saturday and cut the top area of the gas tank. This is where the original gas cap was. The pack as it is, just barely hits this on the inside of the tank. I figured we could cut it out and get another inch and fill it with fiberglass and epoxy later. I also cut some plastic out of the rear fender where the original battery holder for the 12V battery was located. There is a ton of room under the seat just above the rear shock and in front of the rear tire fender. I brought in my DeltaQ and it fits pretty much perfectly in that space now that the plastic is gone. I might have to modify the charger a bit, but It should fit in that space fairly well.

I compressed the front tire again and estimated how much room the front fender takes. I reinstalled the mockup, placed my charger, placed the controller and put the gas tank on. There a surprisinly large amount of room around the battery pack. The issue now, is how to design it such that the frame is properly supported, as the engine was a stressed member.

For now, Travis is going to help with some 3D CAD work and draw up the pack with the bussbar and BMS. Then hopefully we can get some pieces cut out of MDF that match the exact dimensions of the pack with all of it’s hardware. Until we really get that done, it’s just a rough estimate where things are at this point.

I’m not able to go this week (going out of town again), but Travis is going to do a little work and we’ll meet up next week and see where we’re at. That’s it for now, but things seem to be going along well.