EVFR 2.0: CAD Drawing of Batteries

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So Travis (T2) has been busy this last week drawing the batteries and buss-bar in 3D since I lack experience. It turned out great and gives the clearances between cells so that we can mill the cell-holders out of UHMW. This week he’ll start to draw the holders and add on the Elithion cell-boards to the drawing (Elithion provides these on their website).

Once we get the pack drawn in CAD, I want to mill these parts out of fiberboard (probably HDF) and check fitment. Then I’ll build up a pack without buss-bar and refit and start to figure out how we would like to do the metal box. I’d like to build the box around the HDF prototype so if anything has to change, I’m not wasting $200 worth of UHMW plastic.

Here is a picture and 3D PDF of the pack. If you click on the pack within Adobe Reader, it will let you rotate/pan/zoom. It’s pretty slick.


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