EVFR 2.0: Different pack design

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With the previous pack design (trapezoidal), it was a nice simple shape, but the pack mounted inside the frame a little weird and made it difficult to fit in the controller and charger. I started thinking, maybe it would be more simple to have the batteries in a sort of L shape around the motor. Since there’s ~10″ between the frame posts, I figured we canĀ  get 5 cells wide in a staggered configuration. The current would flow down one side, up the other and there would be 2 packs essentially. The lid would be simple and the mounting points for the pack would be near the corners/sides of the pack, which is great for strength.

I spent some of Weds with my buddy Travis (T2) kind of mocking it up and it looked like it fit. To make sure, I came back on Saturday and did a to-scale mockup of the pack with real dimensions. Just cardboard and tape this time (foam core was overcomplicated).

I fit it into the bike and it fit pretty well actually. It hits the tank right now on the sides, but there’s some extra space in the pack so I think it’ll fit perfect. The tank isn’t fitted with the front mount either, so it should raise a little off the frame. I think I want the pack to be just the batteries and leave the contactor and BMS outside. It’s just too hard to fit all that inside and make a nice lid for it. The controller fits right where the original radiator did, which is nice because it gets tons of airflow through the heat-sink Noah made. The charger can go right under the controller near the bottom of the pack. Even with the forks compressed, there’s about 5-6″ of horizontal clearance.

T2 and I decided that this will be the final pack style. Not only does it simplify mounting and increase structural strength, but it also makes it easier to fabricate the pack. It also leaves a ton of room under the seat for a box that contains the BMS, DC-DC and some other electrical components. We’ll be drafting the model in 3D this week and have the drawings to my buddy Dave for fabrication.

tons of room under the seat now
charger, pack and controller/heatsink. Perfect fit.
new battery pack shape mocked up and placed in the frame
nre pack mockup, a little tight on the top, but we oversized it a little.
nre pack mockup, a little tight on the top, but we oversized it a little.

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