EVFR 2.0: Fiberglass fun!

Since Dave is working on the battery pack drawings, I figured I’d focus on other things like the fiberglass and headlights. When I first found the upper, it had no headlight holes in it. I decided to do a dual headlight conversion, but needed to fiberglass the lights into the fairing. I spent last night working a bit with Dave to cut out the headlight holes and make some tapered inserts to go around the headlights I’ve got. We also patched the gas tank filler hole. I’ll go back Friday to finish up the fiberglass and start sanding the fairings.

[thumb:1685:l][thumb:1686:l][thumb:1687:l][newline] [thumb:1688:l][thumb:1689:l][newline]

I also got a race tail for the bike, but unfortunately it was damaged in shipment so it’s got to be repaired. I’m glad I’m still fiber-glassing stuff. Here’s a pic of it now, and what it should look like when its done (pic is from a gas bike of a guy I know).


So after all the fiberglass repair/filling/modification is done, I’ll get all the fairings mounted, drilled and sanded/bondo-ed so they’re ready for paint soon. It’s really starting to take shape.

I think I’ll keep it white, it’s a really clean look. I was thinking some Vinyl graphics, like a PCB design. I looked around one day and found the BMW Activee and it’s pretty much what I had in my mind. Simple silver shaded PCB traces on a white background. Nice and clean and unique. I’ll just have to get a hold of someone to do the vinyl. Here’s a pic of the Activee (courtesy of the e90post forum)