EVFR 2.0: Slow progress but new bike

I’m sorry it’s been a while since my last update. It’s been a very busy and unfortunate last couple of months. My Aunt passed away and then shortly after, my cousin got sick and succumbed. I went to My aunt’s funeral, and went to visit my cousin before he passed away. Mixed in with all of that, I had 2 family reunions to attend, one in Idaho and one in Montana, as well as a get-away mini vacation for my Girlfriend’s birthday. It hasn’t left me much time at all to work on the bike.

With respect to the battery pack, the plastic has not been milled due to my buddy moving his shop, so I need to shop around for a place that can do it for me. He did, fortunately, get the copper bussbars drawn, sent out and waterjet cut. They’re sitting in my garage right now and I can begin rough assembly of my pack. I want to match their IR in parallel groups as close as possible while I’m putting the pack together so the current is normalized between parallel cells. After that, I can do some bench testing of the entire electrical system while I work over the next couple months to get the plastic cut and a battery box fabricated. I’ll probably bring the bike back to my place.

Due to the unexpected family emergencies, summer vacations and relocation of my friend’s shop, I’ve had to put things off a little bit more. Oh well, my eye is still on the prize!

I’ve decided in the interim that it would be good to get some seat time, and I bought a 2000 Suzuki SV650. It’s sort of a street fighter with a nice tubular frame and naked look with circular headlight. I figure if I can go to/from work, I can at least get some practice in before my other bike is done. I’ve been itching to ride since I got my endorsement.

Anyway, that’s it for now. I expect I’ll be working on bussing the batteries for a couple weeks in between riding.