Kegerator #2

After the first kegerator project stopped working, I started looking for another fridge. I decided to go with a mini fridge and ended up buying one from my friend Gordy. They were moving and didn’t want it. The great thing about this, is that it doesn’t have internal coils/Freezer. It had a shelf that comes out. It fits 2 5-gallon or 1 5-gallon/1 3-gallon kegs along with a CO2 tank. I re-used my tap tower, removed the top and figured out where the cooling lines were and drilled and mounted the tap. I used a metal plate to strengthen the top so the plastic wouldn’t break. I used my ITC-1000 temperature controller and wired the fridge to run when plugged in. It will always be used with the temperature controller.

Below are pictures of the build and final product. It works quite well.