Kegerator: Update

It’s been a pretty busy summer, so some of my projects were put on hold a while. A few weeks ago, I got new taps and drip-tray and installed into the temperature chambers. I spent a little while since then removing any unnecessary electrical components on the chamber that were left over from the broken controls. I also worked a bunch on the new control system using the Raspberry Pi.

New chamber fits roughly 9 corny kegs in the bottom, and has room up top for cheap beer, bottles and beer glasses. The chamber has a hole in the top that will house a 7″ touchscreen LCD that will eventually show a tap-list running on the Raspberry Pi. Also running on the RPi, is an HMI that I created (using the same software for my brew control system) that will allow me to set the temperature and view alarms. I can even set it to email or sms message me if an alarm threshold is reached.

Next up is wiring the SSR into the existing components and getting just the cooling working. I’m hoping to have this finished in the next couple weeks. I’m running out of space in our fridge for beer, and need somewhere cool to store everything.