Brew Controller: Finishing touches

I got the panel completely wired and partially tested. I had to figure a way to turn on the SSRs for the pumps without using the SSR output (Can’t write to the modbus register while in operational mode). I decided to just run through one of the alarm relays and run that way. It works great and turns on my drill, lights, etc without issue. Didn’t want to test with dry pumps.

I spent some of last Sunday getting the finished panel mounted to my brew cart. Just had to adjust the shelves and create a mounting plate and bolt right up. I still need to mount the pumps. Also mounted my Touchscreen computer to the wall close to an outlet. I didn’t want it on the cart itself, but in the shade just inside the garage. I realized the power supply also has a 2.5A USB power port on it, so that’s handy.

The new twistlock plugs were wired to the heating elements I had. They were hardwired to a dryer plug before when I was doing extract brews, so just needed to wire in the new cable and plug. I haven’t tested them yet, as I finished late, but it’s close. The temperature sensors still need thermal compound put inside them, but are otherwise working and measuring temperature.

Also embedded a nice little countdown timer (preset for 1 hour, but changable). Its just an embedded website, so I’ll likely update it later. It works for now though.

So all that is left is mounting the pumps and filling the HLT and BK with water and running the autotune on the PID’s.

Here’s some recent pictures: