Time for a little update, but this time it’s not about the electric motorcycle.

For the last couple years I’ve helped a ton of people figure out what system they need for their vehicles, sold batteries and BMS and helped with technical support. I’ve also worked with some OEM’s in helping them with their vehicles as well. I’ve recently started testing batteries for various people. I was doing this all as an independant contractor as a side job.

So late last month I decided to start my own company, Electro Motive Force, LLC (EMF), so that I can funnel work through it.  I’m not leaving my day job, but I want this gig to be a little more official and have the benefits of having a business. I’ve asked 2 colleagues of mine to help and they’re onboard and I’ve partnered up with several other businesses. We’ll be doing pretty much the same thing as I’ve been doing with the addition of a few things. Currently working on getting a website up and running. I don’t want to give more details right now, but I will say that this next year is going to exciting!

This shouldn’t take time away from me finishing the motorcycle, it might actually help speed it up!