Electric Kart Project

I’ve come to need a vehicle to test products I sell for my business. A motorcycle is too limiting for easy change of a motor, so I started looking at Karts. I wanted an offroad kart, but they take up a lot of room and I’d need a trailer. Then I found a nice Race Kart near me that was super cheap and didn’t have an engine…… and I bought it. It was in great shape and he threw in a Kart stand, Engine mount and a race computer. Plus, How cool is a Kart?

The Kart: Swiss Hutless Race Kart (Hydraulic disk brakes, adult size)

The drivetrain: I’m building so I can swap different motors into the chassis for test. I’ll start with the ME1507 and eventually test the ME1304


Battery: I found some Saft VL41M batteries for sale and I couldn’t turn it down. Working on getting these delivered now. I’m thinking I’ll try to pack as many as I can and do at least 2p. The cells have a 150A continuous and 300A for 30s rating, so that would be 300A continuous and 600A for 30s if I did 2p. I’d like to get as close to 72V as I can, but ultimately it depends on how many fit on the chassis. They’re large cylindrical, 41Ah LiIon batteries. About 8.75″ tall and 2.2″ in diameter with screw terminals for connection to buss bar. They weigh about 2.35lbs each.

BMS: Purchased a ZEVA V3 BMS, one BMS module for each side

Motor Mount: I’m getting 2 of them to test. The other will be used as a bench motor-mount.


Other items:

I’m trying to use as much of the items I currently offer at EMF-Power, so they get some extra testing, and people can see how reliable they are in practice. Plus, I can make tweaks and test for people much more easily.


Here’s a ME1507 and also an ME1304 setting on the frame for reference:


Pics of the batteries: