Lets finish what Matt Started!!!

On August 30th, our dear friend Matt Dieckmann was taken from us. Initially a fund was set up to help with funeral expenses. Recently I was informed that his family  would like the money to go towards sending his bike and rider the TTXGP final in Albacete, Spain to race in his memory. Matt was already planning on going and the family feels that this is what he would have wanted. Not only has the TTXGP offered to help, but other teams (Lightning Motorcycles and Native Motorcycles/ ElectricMotorsport) have stepped in to offer their help as well.

But they can’t do it alone. We need some help getting the Bike and Rider to Spain for the race. Please donate what you can to help. I’m extending the deadline to the 10th of October. The bike will need to get shipped sometime in the next week or two.

Lets finish what Matt started!!! Please donate here (click)

Thank you from Myself,
Father Mike Dieckmann
stepmom Denise Dieckmann
brother Steven
sister Paige
and his rider/friend/coworker Mike Hannas

V2.0: TTXGP @VIR and Battery testing

So a few of you know that after I quit working at EVComponents, I was contracted by both Manzanita Micro and Elithion to help them with technical questions, design, and some sales. About a month after I started, I went down to the TTXGP race at Infineon and met up with Gene and Stephen from Manzanita. I didn’t get to help much, but I know that the Manzanita chargers were everywhere. It seems like they were in every paddock. They both did a great job at helping the racers.

Well, the time has come for another TTXGP race, this time at the Virginia International Raceway, just a couple hours outside of where I spent nearly 12 years of my life (grew up in Roanoke, VA and went to Virginia Tech, and lived in Richmond, VA for a couple years). We thought it would be another great opportunity to get out and show people what these chargers and BMS can do, so I’ll be heading out there for the races (and spending a few days with my immediate family while I’m out there). Gene and I will be helping the racers with BMS and charging while we’re there and should also have a couple of the 10Ah and 16Ah Headway cells along with a discharge tester, so people can see firsthand how they perform. Manzanita is expecting their order of 800 38120S 10Ah cells and 200 40160S 16Ah cells due in their facility the first week of August.

Now what is tester? I’ve mentioned before a little about the CC400 Electronic Load before and how I plan to test my batteries under a 5-10C load to confirm each battery is going to handle the current required. Well I’ve been getting the parts I need to finish the test fixture. I’ve got the CC400, a servo driver to adjust the current level and a DI-148U Data Logger from DataQ to measure the voltage.

Here are the CC-400 Specifications:

  • Current: 1A-150A for 2V-60V cells/packs, dropping to 100A max. at 0.9V.
  • Voltage: 0.5V-60V
  • Power: 400W continuous at 30C ambient, 500W for 15 seconds. Allows for 100A discharging of a Li cell.
  • Basic Accuracy: From 1A-20A, +/-35mA, from 21A-150A, +/-1%, typically better than +/-0.6%.

The DI-148U is a USB data logger with 10 analog inputs and some digital I/O. I’ll be using only 2 of the channels (one for voltage, one for temperature). I don’t need anything with a high sample rate for what I’m doing because the tests are fairly long.

I attached it to my computer last night and configured the DataQ unit to show 0-5V on the Y axis, and time on the X axis. I hooked up a Headway 38120S cell and after calibrating, it showed the exact same voltage as my multimeter. I loaded the cell with a headlight bulb I had laying around, and could see the voltage drop a few mV. Its a pretty smooth curve. I’m just waiting on the servo driver to arrive so I can adjust the output current on the CC400 while I test. I’ll set discharger at a set current, and then the servo driver will adjust the discharge current between 0 and 100% of that setpoint. Most of the testing will be done at 100%, but this gives me the option to adjust while I’m testing.

Thats it for now! I’ll have more pictures from VIR in a few weekends. I can’t wait! I really hope Brammo makes it out there with the Empulse.

Racing news: OMRRA adds Electric Motorcycle division

I just got this in an email today from someone. OMRRA is adding an Electric Motorcycle division at PIR here in Portland, Oregon. Its about a 20 minute drive from where I live. I’ll definitely be making my way out to some of these events.

Press Release, March 2, 2010

The Oregon Motorcycle Road Racing Association to hold races for electric motorcycles at Portland International Raceway. Due to the increased interest and availability of battery powered motorcycles, OMRRA has recently included an electric motorcycle class in all 6 events on the 2010 calendar at Portland International Raceway.

Race dates are:

  • 5/22-5/23
  • 6/26-6/27
  • 7/24-7/25
  • 8/21-8/22
  • 9/25-9/26
  • 10/23-10/24

Track entry is $10 at the gate. Children 12 and under are free. Military in uniform are free. See www.OMRRA.com for rules, information, and printable $2.00 coupons. Contact OMRRA at 503-221-1487 for more information.

What is OMRRA? For over three decades, the Oregon Motorcycle Road Racing Association has run safe, exciting, and competitive events for motorcycle road racers and their fans. Racers range from club level to professionals with national and international experience. OMRRA operates at Portland International Raceway, a city park and world class racetrack.

TTXGP: Race at Infineon in May

I read about the release of the Mavizen TTX02 motorcycle last week. I had known about the project for a while and had eagerly awaited its release at SEMA. Really slick looking bike based on the RC8. After reading a little about the bike, I saw a few other blogs that mentioned something very very interesting…… TTXGP in the US at Infineon.

I looked online, and its about 9 hours from here. I got to thinking, I should go…. and bring my bike. I just need to find more details on the race. Even if I don’t race it, I’m bringing the bike.

Its an exciting time, we’ll see where it goes!

eGrandPrix: The US Launch!

I recently attended the US Launch of the TTXGP/eGrandPrix at the AMA Vintage Motorcycle days in Ohio. The eGrandPrix is an international race series, specifically aimed towards Electric Motorcycles. The FIM and Azhar Hussain have been planning a race series starting in 2010 which will have courses located all over the world. The TTXGP organizers came to Ohio to officially launch the eGrandPrix Racing Series in the United states.

When I first got to the event, it was LOUD! The rumble of all of the 2 and 4 stroke engines was everywhere;  little pit bikes buzzing by, scooters, dirt bikes, street bikes and trikes (including a Can Am Spider that was there for people to test ride). We parked and started walking towards the eGrandPrix paddock area and it was incredibly silent. I met up with Sadie and Jeremy from the TTXGP/eGrandPrix Team and got a quick update. The fastest bike at the track that day was Brian Richardson’s Norton Electra, which reached a speed of 106mph. The bikes had just gone out and people were packing up, but there was still much to see.

Saturday there was a Parade lap of anyone that wanted to (mostly gas powered motorcycles). The eGrandPrix teams were mixed in at the end. The exhibition laps were actually more like a race, but more for fun. There were 4 teams racing on Saturday: A converted R1 from Electric Motorsport, a converted Norton Electra from Brian Richardson and the JMU AFV team, a converted Lifan GS200 from EnerTrac and a factory stock Zero S from Zero. On Sunday, Tony Helmholt rode his converted 1975 Yamaha RD250 around the track.

Here’s a video of the Electric Motorsport R1 at the track:


The event came together well and the public interest was very high. People were coming in large groups to talk to the organizers as well as the teams. Todd Kollin of Electric Motorsport brought two GPR-S motorcycles and was letting people ride them around. Zero let people take test rides as well. It was great to see the looks on people’s face when you told them there was no clutch and no noise.

In the near future, Azhar and his team will be posting details on the when and where of the series that the FIM has approved for 2010. He’s also working on the details for the 2010 TTXGP at the Isle Of Man. The rules are staying very similar to the TTXGP rules. Right now much effort is being put into trying to get the word out so that there are more teams that may enter the race. Its an exciting time right now and things are moving VERY quickly. We’ll be seeing more events like the one in Ohio in the future.