VR: Oculus Rift

After playing with the OSVR HDK2 for a little while, I started to look into controllers. The Xbox controller is OK, but VR really needs tracked motion controllers for many of the games to work. I came across an Oculus Rift locally and picked it up, and then listed my OSVR HDK2 on ebay and sold to a gentleman in Ireland. It was only the headset, so I still need to get Touch Controllers, but I’m impressed so far.

As far as which one I like better, I think the OSVR is a little ways off from tracking at the level of the Rift, but it’s decent. The fit and finish of both is nice. The graphics seemed a little better with the HDK2. The FOV was a little better on the HDK2 and the filters on the HDK2 seemed to help a bit with the Screen door, although it’s barely noticable on both devices.

One of the reasons I like the rift, is it’s much more portable and finished when compared to the HDK2. The software Oculus developed makes it very simple to set up (under 5 minutes), compared to lots of tinkering with the OSVR interface. There’s 1 cable for the Rift, compared to 3 for the HDK2, which makes the Rift more portable for me. One of the things I want to do is have my VR rig slightly portable to bring to a friend’s place to play. Also missing from the Rift, is the hip-clip control box like on the HDK2, which was a little annoying to have to clip/unclip when changing users. The built in headphones on the Rift are super nice, so I don’t have to have additional hardware, just slip the unit on, and go. There’s also a microphone on the Rift for comms while playing games.

I’m pretty happy with the purchase, and now that Rift slashed their prices from $600 for the headset to $500 and $200 for the touch to $100, it means getting the Touch controllers will be much cheaper than I had initially wanted to spend. I ended up switching out the GTX 1060 OC for a GTX 1070 STRIX OC and haven’t looked back. I also upgraded the RAM from 8GB to 16GB, which was a noticeable decrease in loading time.

Gameplay has been pretty fun, just working out some kinks with the Xbox 360 controller. There’s a ton of content and I’ve just been going through free stuff until I buy the Touch controllers. I’d highly recommend the Rift after having used the Vive, Rift CV1 and OSVR HDK2.