About Me

Name:  Travis Gintz

Education:  BSEE Virginia Tech 2004

Current Employers:

  • Leviton MFG, Inc.
  • Owner Electro Motive Force, LLC. (www.emf-power.com)
  • PureWatercraft, LLC.
  • AM Racing
  • Synkromotive, LLC.
  • City Farm Corp
  • Manzanita Micro
  • Elithion, LLC.

Past Employers:

  • GE Industrial Systems (GE Energy) – Wind Turbine control systems
  • Blueprint Automation – Food process automation
  • Gillingham-Best – Lumber processing automation
  • H2E – Contract engineer

My Engineering background is primarily in the automation field, with a focus in energy generation and management. I attended Virginia Tech while working at GE as a Co-operative education student. While there, I focused in robotics/automation and Power systems. After graduation, I began working at Blueprint designing automated food packing equipment. I designed/programmed and commissioned the equipment used. I then went to work at Gillingham-Best doing similar automation, but in the Lumber processing industry. While at H2E I worked on starting up 6 rectifiers used in the Alcoa Intalco Aluminum Smelter in Washington. In May of 2007 I started work at Leviton doing System design for Lighting control systems. I’ve found my interest in energy management through the use of automation growing through the years, and now this has moved to designing my first Electric Vehicle.

While at Leviton, I was talking with other engineers about EV’s and caught the bug. I got a motorcycle and started researching what was needed. I met David Boyd at Synkromotive in August and started to get more involved. I started building/designing this bike in August of 2007. Drivable prototype finished in July 2008. The motorcycle is based on a VFR700F and uses a brushed series wound motor from Advanced DC. The controller is built by Synkromotive in Portland, OR.   Currently helping with some design/assembly of the DC controllers/BMS/Charging while I tweak the motorcycle and get it street legal. I’ll be posting off and on througout the design process as much as I can.

In spring of 2009, I started to do some part-time consulting for a company in New York that is designing a Commuter Motorcycle. Its been fun going through the design process with them, especially since its a blank canvas design.

In May of 2009, I put together a Group buy for Headway 38120S 10Ah lithium batteries. After that was underway, A friend Dave at talked with me and offered me a job working with him as Technical Sales part-time. I’ve mainly been helping customers chose components that fit their requirements. After that company dissolved, I started work with Manzanita Micro as well as Elithion doing technical support for them, as well as technical sales. I do some consulting for private companies working on an electric vehicles and help other people converting vehicles to electric.

I believe that we can one day be free from being dependant on oil. By going green and being able to drive efficiently, we can remove some of the dependance. By installing Solar and Wind, we can have a sustainable energy source that we can then use for transportation. My goal is to own a gas car only for longer trips, but to use an EV for commuting.